Wednesday, January 9, 2008

what got me started?

Here's a scenario.

You just got the keys to your new flat [esp. re-sale ones].
While having a tight renovation budget, you are thinking of ways to save cost.

You may have concerns if the previous owner or contractors coming back without your knowledge. Thinking… your new HD plasma TV & Italian sofa are gone when you come home. Doors are in good condition while previous owner & contractors may have the bunch of keys.

So, how much does it cost to change a lock?

Average Locksmiths charges:
$20 for Transport
$10 – $60 for Labor
Mark up 20-50% for the locks.

Typically, you pay $90 [transport + labor for 1main door, 3 internal door]
This is excluding the Locks and to mercy of their Mark-ups.

Sadly, the reality, $90 is not exactly easy money for these locksmiths considering increasing petrol prices & inflations. Their ability to resolve complications and technical expertise would mean an hour of their labor is not even equivalent to 3 hours of ours. [Yet, provided we have the ability to get the job done]

Thus, this blog is not about replacing Locksmiths. But I hope it’ll be educational and probably encourage home owners to Do-It-Yourself for those simpler tasks while leaving the complicated tasks for the professional.

This is what got me started.
Do-It-Yourself will also mean variety when you get to choose what want to buy as compared to what locksmiths have in their boot. You may get lower prices when you avoid inelastic bargain position when locksmith is at your door step. Last of all, you get to learn a skill which may come in handy [example: impressing your in-laws]

do it yourself

From wikipedia:
The phrase "do it yourself " came into common usage in the 1950s in reference to various jobs that people could do in and around their houses without the help of professionals. A very active community of people continues to use the term DIY to refer to
fabricating or repairing things for home needs, on one's own rather than purchasing them or paying for professional repair. In other words, home improvement done by the householder without the aid of paid professionals.